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Mindfulness Meditation: A Foundation for Major Life Changes

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Meditation is often touted as a means of achieving calmness or relaxation. When I ask non-meditators what they think meditation would be good for, most people say it is great for calming anxiety and stress, and while this is certainly correct, establishing a regular habit of mindfulness meditation can help one accomplish so much more than that.

It is easy to see how meditation helps to reduce stress in the process of clearing or calming the mind, but this clearing of the mind also allows the meditator to access so many other benefits, and even those who are new to practicing meditation start to see these benefits early on in their practice.

For example, in the realm of relationship struggles, being able to feel one’s emotions stirring up during a disagreement allows that person to stop any escalation of those emotions in order to increase the chances of a calmer, more productive discussion. When dealing with increased demands at work, the skills learned through meditation allow one to see those work stressors with much less stirring of emotions, and this in turn helps a person deal with those stressors from a place of clarity.

These are just two examples of how being able to approach previously stressful situations from a place of calmness enables one to see more clearly, and make better decisions because of it. The many facets of our lives where calmness and clarity become useful are numerous, and it is therefore no surprise that mindfulness meditation can dramatically impact our lives for the better.

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